WildHeart School Assembly 2013-2014
Missouri Grade Level Expectations met by this assembly:

Strand 1: Properties and Principles of Matter and Energy
2. Energy has a source, can be transferred and can be transformed into various forms but is conserved between and within systems 
        Concept C: Grades 1,3,5,6

Strand 3: Characteristics and Interactions of  Living Organisms
1. There is a fundamental unity underlying the diversity of all living organisms
         Concept A: Grades 1,3
         Concept B: Grades 2,3,6
         Concept D: Grades K,1,5
         Concept E: Grades 1,5

    2. Living organisms carry out life processes in order to survive
         Concept B: Grades 6

    3.  There is a genetic basis for the transfer of biological characteristics from one generation to the next through reproductive processes
         Concept D: Grades K,2

Strand 4:  Changes in Ecosystems and Interactions of Organisms with their Environments

    1. Organisms are interdependent with one another and with their environment
         Concept A: Grades K,1,4,6
         Concept B: Grade 6
         Concept D: Grade 4,6

    2. Matter and energy flow through an ecosystem
         Concept A: Grades 3,4,6

Strand 5: Processes and Interactions of the Earth's Systems

    2.  Earth's systems interact with one another as they undergo change by common processes
         Concept A: Grades 4

Strand 8: Impact of Science, Technology and Human Activity

    1.  The nature of technology can advance, and is advanced by, science as it seeks to apply scientific knowledge in ways that meet human needs.
         Concept A: Grades K, 1

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